About The War of 1812

The St. John River Society is commemorating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 in New Brunswick.  The Society and its many partners along the St. John River are remembering the epic winter march of New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot and the story of the 600 men who marched from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Kingston, Ontario in the winter of 1813.  The St. John River Society is a non-profit organization that since 1992 has been committed to the appreciation and wise use of the natural and cultural heritage of the St. John River.


Soldiers Biographies

Private Joseph Seré (Cyr)

Born: Date Unknown, Near Ste. Anne’s Point (Fredericton), New Brunswick Died: Unknown I am Private Joseph Seré or Cyr. I am an Acadian from New Brunswick. The British had difficulty with our French names which is why my name is misspelled in my official documents. I joined the New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry on …



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