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War of 1812 in New Brunswick Education Trunk ContentsAs part of Canada’s War of 1812 Bicentennial commemorations, The St. John River Society has developed education trunks around this important provincial and national story. These education kits are an attempt to help increase historical knowledge of this pivotal moment on the road to nationhood. Each trunk contains reproduction artefacts and materials representing the conflict and its participants from the perspective of New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot. Material is also included which provides a comparison between 1812 and the modern day. The intention of the trunk is to enable educators, through the use of the contents, to explore aspects of the War of 1812 to supplement the teaching of various New Brunswick Social Studies curriculum outcomes. While the kit is calibrated toward a social studies focus, the concepts and materials can be employed to supplement other subjects. The kit is designed with an open concept structure, to give educators the freedom to utilize all or just certain elements in any way they see fit to achieve their teaching outcomes. The target age group for this education kit is Grade 5; however Grades 3, 4 and 5 may find elements of the kit useful.

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1) Teacher’s Guide
2) Education Binder
3) March Route Map
4) Photo: The Home of Captain Daniel Morehouse, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, Prince William, New Brunswick
5) Image: Traveling on the River St. John, New Brunswick by Emeric Essex Vidal, 1817
6) Image: Presqu’Ile Military Post
7) Post-War Military Settlement Map
8) Recruitment Material
9) The Trunk
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