Calithumpians Cast Biographies

Cast Bios for “Marching into History: The Road to Canada Roadshow”

(In alphabetical order)

Nicci Blewett
Nicci Blewett is a graduate of Concordia University and a musician in Fredericton. She plays a wide variety of instruments and is currently a member of Scotty & the Stars, a children’s music group based out of Fredericton. Before moving to Fredericton, Nicci spent three summers in Fundy National Park as a heritage interpreter, using music and theatre to entertain and educate park visitors. She has admired the work of the Calithumpians for years and is excited to be part of this production.

Adrienne Fitch
This is Adrienne Fitch’s debut with the Calithumpians and is very excited to part of such a wonderful project. Adrienne is a graduate of The University of New Brunswick where she minored in theatre. Last year, Adrienne was in England completing her MA in Shakespeare Studies. Active in many local theatre productions, Adrienne’s most recent and memorable performances include Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, and Regan in King Lear.

Jake Martin
Jake Martin is a recent graduate of St. Thomas University and hails from the Kingston Peninsula, NB. He is the co-producer of the Next Folding Theatre Company and recently finished touring with TNB’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”. He has previously been involved in many local productions in Fredericton with Theatre St. Thomas, Theatre UNB, Nasty Shadows and Bard in the Barracks. He also writes and had the lucky coincidence to have a script he co-wrote in the Atlantic Fringe Festival in Halifax while he was performing in Theatre Free Radical’s “Utopia” in Vancouver. He has been involved with the Calithumpians since 2009 and is very happy to return.

Will Pacey
Will Pacey is a graduate of St. Thomas University (BA ’11) and a long time Calithumpian, having worked with the troupe from 2004 to 2011. In 2012 he toured across Canada with The Ross Neilsen Band, and has been active in the Fredericton music scene for over six years. He is happy to be back performing with the Calithumpians for another season.

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