Private James Kilcollins

Born: About 1785 in New Brunswick
Died: After 1864 in New Brunswick

I am Private James Kilcollins. I joined the New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry as a Private on 1 February 1809. This regiment became New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot in 1810. When my regiment marched to Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario) in February 1813, I was a member of Captain George Shore’s Light Company (the smallest and fastest men of the regiment). We were trained in light infantry tactics. Light infantry tactics included sneaking through the woods as quietly as possible to scout and to spy on the Americans and to skirmish. Skirmishing is small groups of soldiers separate from the main line of defence, taking shots at the enemy. I participated in all of the major battles in which the 104th was involved: Sackets Harbor on 29 May 1813, Beech Woods (Beaver Dams) on 24 June 1813, Lundy’s Lane on 25 July 1814 and the attack on Fort Erie on 15 August 1814. Miraculously, I survived all of these battles and was not wounded. In recognition of our bravery in 1814, the Light and Grenadier companies were awarded the battle honour NIAGARA in 1815. While we were the smallest and fastest men in the regiment, the Grenadiers were the biggest and strongest. When the regiment was disbanded on 24 May 1817 (the army closed down the regiment because the war was over and they no longer needed as many soldiers), I returned to New Brunswick. I married and raised a family on a farm in the Parish of Wicklow, Carleton County.

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