Corporal Timothy Woodward

Born: 1783 in Nova Scotia
Died: 29 May 1813 at Sackets Harbor, New York

I am Corporal Timothy Woodward. My mother was Elizabeth Woodward who was known as “Mammy Hopkins”. She was aboard the Loyalist ship Martha when it was wrecked on Seal Island near Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on about 21 September 1783. There was a heavy loss of life but my mother survived. She was pregnant with triplets and had a young baby she was carrying in her arms when the boat crashed. I was one of the triplets and soon after being rescued, she gave birth to my two brothers and me. Our family settled in Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick. I joined the New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry on 9 December 1803. This regiment became New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot in 1810. One of my triplet brothers, Archibald, joined New Brunswick’s 104th on 22 March 1811. My step-father Sergeant Jeremiah Hopkins, four brothers, one half-brother and a brother-in-law also joined the regiment. Archibald and I both took part in the march from Fredericton to Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario) in the winter of 1813. Our brother-in-law, Private James McDonough took ill and died on 30 April 1813 in Kingston. I guess the march was just too much for him. Walking 24 kilometres a day every day, sleeping outdoor with barely anything to eat would take a toll on most anyone. It is a miracle that we all did not perish. A month after I arrived I fought in my first ever battle when we took part in the attack on Sackets Harbor on 29 May 1813. This was a disastrous defeat for both the British forces and for my family. I was killed in action and my brother Archibald died of wounds he received during battle just two days later. Fortunately, the rest of my family survived the war and returned to live and prosper in New Brunswick.

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